"What the lion is to the cat - the mastiff is to the dog"

The noblest of the family; he stands alone, and all others sink before him. His courage does not exceed his temper and generosity, and in attachment he equals the kindest of his race. 


There is evidence of Mastiff-like giant dogs dating back as far as 2500 BC in the mountains of Asia. Bas-reliefs from the Babylonian palace of Ashurbanipal (now on display in the British Museum) depict Mastiff-type dogs hunting lions in the desert near the Tigris River.

Their coloration, of course, cannot be told, but other than being taller and leaner than current-day Mastiffs (as ours would be if raised in a desert and fed lightly), they are remarkably like our modern Mastiffs, despite the passing of nearly 4500 years.
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General Appearance
The Mastiff is a large, massive, symmetrical dog with a well-knit frame. The impression is one of grandeur and dignity. Dogs are more massive throughout. Bitches should not be faulted for being somewhat smaller in all dimensions while maintaining a proportionally powerful structure. A good evaluation considers positive qualities of type and soundness with equal weight.
Size, Proportion, Substance
Size – Dogs, minimum, 30 inches at the shoulder. Bitches, minimum, 27-1/2 inches at the shoulder. Fault-Dogs or bitches below the minimum standard. The farther below standard, the greater the fault. Read more…

The Mastiff information packet includes:
Breed Information, Breeder Referral List & Rescue Adoption Information.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Mastiffs

Jadems Bigger Bang Junior owned by: Stephanie Seger


What is A Mastiff?

A Mastiff is a giant breed of dog, descended from the ancient Alaunt and Molosser. Today, mastiff is used to describe many different breeds around the world, all descended from the same root stock. In the US and other English speaking countries, Mastiff is used to refer to the Old English Mastiff (OEM), developed in England and nearly extinct after WW II.

Bella, Cowboy & Boaz owned by: Tim & Susan Pearson


Are all Mastiffs the same?

No. Like humans, Mastiffs are individuals. Each has its own genetic and environmental history that effects its attitude, temperament, health and responses to stimuli. These questions are answered with the general breed characteristics in mind, no individual Mastiff will match the answers in every respect.

Ch. Goldleafs Big Nugget Owners Mark Jann Lanz


How much do Mastiffs weigh?

Adult males generally run about 160-230 pounds, females are normally between 120-170 pounds. Males over 200 pounds are not too uncommon and a few females reach these weights. According to the Guinness Book of Records the record holder for the world’s largest dog is Zorba, a Mastiff, at 343 pounds. He stood 37 inches at the shoulder.

Other Resources

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Mastiff, The Aristocratic Gurdian by dee dee Andersson
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 1996 The Mastiff Club Of America Yearbook published annually until 1996 by the MCOA in conjunction with the National Specialty (1996 – St.Louis, MO)  Available online Mastiff Stud Dog Registry by Deb Jones – printed annually until 1999, back issues still available all proceeds go to MCOA Rescue. For more information follow the link above, or contact: Deb Jones djones@devinefarm.net

Champions, A View of the Mastiff in America by Joan Hahn & Judy Powers (1983) pub. by The Mastiff Club of America, Inc.
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The Mastiff – the Official AKC video, available at the
American Kennel Club Store.
See Jane Train Spot – one hour video featuring Mastiffs in training, to order contact: See Jane VideosJawgDogg@cs.com Jane Gadbury 6991 E.Eaton-Albany Pike Eaton, IN 47338 Price $25 plus $3 for shipping & handling, total is $28
MCOA Journal – our very own quarterly magazine – for more information visit the Journal page.
The Mastiff Reporter Online since January, 2000 http://www.devinefarm.net/reporter
Many of the Mastiff clubs listed on the MCOA Regional Clubs page, also have their own newsletters. Contact the individual clubs for more information.
The following is an online database of Mastiff pedigrees being created by its members. This is a paid subscription service. The MCOA recommends verifying the accuracy of all pedigrees with the American Kennel Club.

The following PDF is a list of all potential health screening available for Mastiffs. Click to Download PDF


The MCOA Charitable Trustees and the MCOA Health Committee volunteers have been working on fundraising events and opportunities to bring in revenue to meet our current and future financial obligations related to Mastiff Health. You can help us in this effort by making a direct donation or by shopping with MCOA.

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Their future starts with you.

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