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Member Education

The Constitution of the Mastiff Club of America requires Continuing Education

As one of the objectives of the club (Section 2.e.) and our MCOA Members’ Education

Program is one facet of our Continuing Education.

It is the goal of the MCOA Members’ Education Program to provide to MCOA members a comprehensive education program at the National Specialty, Regional Specialties and Regional Mastiff Club Supported Entries. 

These programs include:

  • an in depth presentation of correct structure and movement
  • an intensive study of the mastiff breed standard.

“The Mastiff Standard; a Breeder’s Perspective” uses the same materials and MCOA approved presenters as in the MCOA Judges Education Program; except that we approach the standard from a breeder/exhibitor standpoint instead of a judge’s standpoint. We feel these two programs should be presented together, since the serious breeder must understand correct structure and movement before he can truly understand our standard. 

These two programs are offered at the National Specialty in odd numbered years and at selected Regional events.  Other Member Education Programs offered at the National Specialty include mastiff handling clinics at the beginner and advanced levels, reproduction seminars given by canine reproduction veterinary specialists and seminars on other topics of interest to the serious mastiff fancier. 

All Members’ Education seminars are offered at no charge to MCOA members and associate members.  Attendance at some seminars is restricted to MCOA members only, in a few cases, non members may attend for a fee.  Check the Premium List for dates, times and fees.

Judges Education


The Constitution of the Mastiff Club of America lists Continuing Education as one of the objectives of the club (Section 2.e.).   The MCOA Judges Education Program is one aspect of the club’s efforts to fulfill this objective.

It is the Mission of the MCOA Judges Education Program to provide prospective judges of Mastiffs a comprehensive training program which focuses on the positive qualities of the breed and the proper evaluation of the Mastiff in accordance with the breed standard.

This program includes presentations on the History and Standard of the Mastiff, as well as a Standard Booklet and other related material.   At our National Specialty Workshop, the MCOA Judges Education Group provides to prospective judges of the Mastiff the following AKC recognized Judges Education components:

  • History of the Mastiff Breed This Workshop, and other MCOA Judges Education presentations, are conducted by MCOA approved Presenters and Mentors who have been trained and meet the JE requirements of the club. Many of the MCOA approved Presenters and Mentors are also Mastiff breeder judges.
  • Mastiff Standard Presentation. A Hands –on session with 8-10 of the top winning dogs in the current year, plus specialty class winners
  • Three days of Ring Side Mentoring with approved MCOA Mentors
  • Question and Answer sessions at each component level of the Workshop

Judges Education Seminar Request

The MCOA provides a Judges Education Seminar at our annual National Specialty show.

The MCOA receives several requests per year to provide an MCOA approved presenter, associated materials and Mastiffs for hands-on to support a club or group that is sponsoring a judges education program. These requests are handled in the following manner:

Request to support a Judges Education event is received by the MCOA Judges Education Coordinator

Request is reviewed by the MCOA Judges Education Committee.

The MCOA Judges Education Committee will present the request to MCOA Board of Directors along with their recommendation to either support or decline the request and why. This recommendation should include the cost of supporting the request for the BOD to use in their consideration.    If the Judges Education Committee recommends support for the request, a budget request will also be included.

The MCOA BOD will vote on the request and notify Judges Education of their decision.

The MCOA Judges Education Coordinator will notify the requesting club or group of the Board’s decision.

Any appeals from the club or group must be in writing and will be handled by the Judges Education Coordinator, with assistance from the Judges Education Committee as needed.

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