The annual MCOA National Specialty Show

Whether you are a lifelong Mastiff fancier, a breeder/exhibitor, a potential Mastiff owner or a prospective Mastiff judge hoping to brush up on our breed, you will find the Mastiff Club Of America National Specialty Show both educational and enjoyable.
In addition to the many conformation and working dog events taking place each day there are seminars, training classes, a welcome party, the annual awards banquet, rescue parade, raffles, rescue fundraisers, and more…oh and don’t forget the shopping! There are many vendors with Mastiff related items and hard-to-find pet oriented merchandise at the specialty as well. 
Our national specialty shows are held at select hotels around the US where group rates are offered to our members when available. The following is a list of upcoming National locations and dates.


Clymer, New York


Kingsport, Tennessee 


Logan, Utah


See up-coming specialty events, past specialty results, and the national archive of all past results.

National Specialty

2024 MCOA National Specialty

The Mastiff Club of America 2024 National Specialty will be held in Clymer, New York

National winners

2023 Specialty Results

Congratulations to the 2023 MCOA National Specialty winners. Hosted by Five Star Mastiff Fanciers in Albuquerque, New Mexico

National archive

Past specialty winners

View the Mastiff Club of America national archive of past Best of Breed and Best of Opposite national specialty winners.

MCOA Rules & Guidelines

Akc Events & Titles

The official term for dog shows is conformation — as in, the act of conforming or producing conformity. While a dog show may look like a beauty pageant, it’s not. Dogs are not being compared to each other; they’re being measured by how closely they conform to the standard of their particular breed. Why? Because the closer a dog’s appearance is to the breed’s standard, the better that dog’s ability will be to produce puppies that meet the standard. It’s also the reason why mixed breeds and spayed or neutered purebreds are ineligible to compete in conformation.

As one of the most popular AKC events, conformation events range from large all-breed shows, with over 3,000 dogs entered, to small local specialty club shows that feature only one breed.

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There’s a reason why the phrase “man’s best friend” exists: It describes how much you and your dog complement each other, the time you spend together and the close relationship you have. That’s the foundation behind Companion Events: To demonstrate the deep companionship between you and your dog. In these events, you and your dog train together to demonstrate the bond that forms between a well-trained dog and his owner.

Companion events include:
Agility, Obedience, AKC Rally, and Tracking.

“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” — Colin Powell

There are many reasons to put in the time and resources necessary to earn recognition of your dog’s abilities: You might do it to show off his superior abilities; or you might do it for the personal satisfaction that comes from hard work. Or both. Regardless, achieving a goal you’ve set out to do is something to be very proud of, and why we offer many titling programs for dog owners to have their dog’s accomplishment recognized by The American Kennel Club. Below are the types of Title Recognition Programs available. To learn about each click on the links below:

We love all dogs but the fact is some breeds are naturally better at performing certain functions than others. Some have innate skills as hunting companions; others assist in the herding of livestock; and others serve as guardians of people and property. When you and your dog participate in a performance sport, you show off your dog’s superior skills for performing practical functions that come naturally to him.

Performance sports include:
Course Ability Test (CAT), Fast CAT,  Farm Dog Certified Test, and AKC Scent Work

This program was developed to encourage members to show the world that the Mastiff is still truly a working breed. The idea behind the title is to demonstrate the attributes of the breed which make it a truly noble working dog. Trainability, tractability and obedience are important characteristics of a working animal, as are good, sound and appropriate temperaments. 

Most certainly the dog should look like a Mastiff; it should be conformationally correct. And within the breed there should be evidence of versatility; tracking, search and rescue, agility, therapy work, and canine ambassadorship; are all examples of activities befitting of a noble breed. 

With these basic tenets in mind, the MCOA Working Dog Committee set out to develop the criteria for establishing the Novice Working Dog, Working Dog, Working Dog Excellent and Working Dog Supreme titles. The process of developing and refining the title is dynamic as the committee continues to search for new and better ways to showcase our breed and as new events and titles are established.  There are four categories of performance events. 

Category 1:  Obedience – This includes all the AKC titling obedience events from Beginner Novice thru Obedience Master

Category 2:  Temperament – This includes Canine Good Citizen, Temperament Testing, Therapy Dog and Canine Ambassador activities.

Category 3:  Performance – This is a broad category that includes Agility, Drafting, Tracking/Nose Work/Barn Hunt, and Coursing!

Category 4:  Special Areas – This includes Conformation titles, including Grand Champions, Freestyle Obedience, and Rally Obedience.  Also ‘Other’ – anything that is not specifically on the list can be included for points in this category with approval by the WD Committee on a case by case basis.

For a NWD title, a dog must earn a minimum of 100 points from 3 categories. For a dog to qualify for the WD title it must earn a minimum of 100 points from 3 categories.  For a WDX title 200 points must be earned from 3 categories (no more than 100 points may be earned from any 1 category).  For the WDS title 300 points must be earned from at least 3 categories (no more than 150 points may be earned from any 1 category). 

To earn your Working Dog title, simply mail a completed copy of the Working Dog Application form and all of the supporting documentation to the MCOA Working Dog Statistician:

Mary Speer
2346 140th Avenue
Glenwood City, WI. 54013


We will acknowledge receipt of your application and notify you of any missing items. It should be noted that this is NOT an AKC title. It has been developed by the M.C.O.A. to award versatile dogs of the mastiff breed.

If there are any questions at al concerning this title, please feel free to contact Jennifer Lambden (Chair) at

Children and teenagers are the future of the sport of dogs and responsible dog ownership. The more they learn, the more they will grow in dog sports and as a person. The values, attitudes, and responsibility learned while competing as Juniors serve children throughout their entire lives.

Junior Showmanship offers children between the ages of 9 and under 18 years of age an opportunity to develop their handling skills, learn about good sportsmanship, dogs, and dog shows. Juniors are judged on their ability to present, or handle, their dogs as they would in the breed ring.

Learn More About Junior Showmanship

AKC Family Dog is a comprehensive good manners program for all dogs. While participating in enjoyable activities that are fun for both dogs and people, dogs become well-socialized and develop a lifelong bond with their owners.

Within the AKC Family Dog organizational umbrella are programs that teach family members how to best communicate with their dogs. The CGC programs (AKC S.T.A.R. PuppyCanine Good Citizen, and AKC Community Canine and Urban CGC) begin with teaching basic skills such as sit, down, and come and they build on these skills as dogs move from one activity to the next. The result is a dog that any owner can be proud to take into the community.



Members & Judges Education

The Constitution of the Mastiff Club of America requires Continuing Education as one of the objectives of the club (Section 2.e.) and our MCOA Members’ Education Program is one facet of our Continuing Education.

Scholarship Opportunities

Junior Showmanship

The Mastiff Club Of America has a Junior Handler’s Program which encourages young people from age 9-18 years of age to learn about dog shows, to develop their skills as a handler and to promote good sportsmanship.


MCOA Service Awards

Service Awards are Annual Awards presented to MCOA members who have been nominated by one (1) or more of their fellow member(s) for their efforts on behalf of the Mastiff and/or MCOA.


MCOA Hall of Fame Awards

In order for a Mastiff to qualify for the Hall of Fame (HOF) award, the following criteria must be met: Dogs:
Sire of ten (10) AKC Champion offspring. Bitches:
Dam of five (5) AKC Champion offspring.


MCOA Mastiff Rescue (RFI)

The Mastiff Club of America is dedicated to the humane rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of our beloved breed. flawless honey is exposing her opened tight snatch in closeup.

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