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Purchase from Reputable Mastiff Breeders

The best way to get a healthy, happy, quality Mastiff puppy is to purchase one directly from a reputable breeder. Reputable breeders put the welfare of their dogs and the improvement of the breed above their desire for financial gain. Reputable breeders will take back or replace a puppy who is found to have a congenital defect. 

The Mastiff Club of America offers its members an opportunity to be listed on the clubs Breeder Referral program for a monetary donation to the club. These members are members in good standing with the MCOA and whom adhere to the clubs Code of Ethics.  Though it is the recommendation of the club for all Mastiff breeders to health screen their Mastiffs, the club does not have the ability to mandate each of its members. So it is the advise of the club to all potential buyers to screen your breeder before purchasing a puppy. 

Have you also considered adopting a Rescue Mastiff? Visit the Mastiff Club of America’s Rescue page for more info.

Questions to ask Breeders

The following are offered as possible questions you should ask the breeder of a Mastiff puppy you are considering acquiring. The FAQ ‘Getting a Dog’ contains additional, more general questions you may also wish to ask. 


The following is a list of reputable breeders (listed in alphabetical order by state) who are members of the Mastiff Club of America in good standing, and whom adhere to the clubs Code of Ethics

Doreen Dysert – Lake Havasu, AZ.
Marcy Mountain Mastiffs
Sandra Espig – Paso Robles, CA.
Nacimiento Mastiffs

Dick & Mary Greaver – Palmdale, CA.
Thundersky Mastiffs 

Christie Lubbering  – Apple Valley, CA.
Granite Hill Mastiffs
Kathy Parker  – Bakersfield, CA.
Temblor Mastiffs


The Sanchez Family- Covina, CA.
Southport Mastiffs
Karin Weseloh – Morgan Hill, CA.
Whispering Oaks Mastiffs
Patti Wilkinson – Grass Valley, CA.
Rising Star Mastiffs
Kimberly Harac & Les Evans DVM – Belleview, FL.
Impeccable Mastiffs 

Elizabeth Vilchis – Florida
Royal Ohana Kennel

None listed

Karen Pettry – Lake Villa, IL.
Kharisma Mastiffs 
Conner & Shari Semelroth -Peoria, IL.
Bowtied Lickers

Erika Wepner – Sugar Grove, IL.
Pantheon Acres

None listed

None listed

None listed

Susan Bushika – Adams, MA.
Lakeside Mastiffs

Deborah Falvo – Charlton, MA.
Masterpiece Mastiffs
Mary Kuhn-Smola – Monson, MA.
Woodhill Mastiffs 

Erika Marshall – Middleboro, MA.
Kyniska Mastiffs    
Lisa Armstrong – Waseca, MN.
Epic Mastiffs 
Debbie Wuetherich – Gaylord, MN.
Lakeside Mastiffs of MN.

Tricia Dalman – Kearney, MO.
Audacious Mastiffs

Hannah Clayton – Adrian, MO.
Claymore Mastiffs
Claymore Mastiffs 

None listed

None listed

None listed

None listed

Monica Baughman – Hebron, OH.
Hickory Creek

Angela Dinneen – Pleasantville, OH.
Bittersweet Lane Mastiffs

Tammy Kinkade – Defiance, OH.
Eyota Mastiffs 

Deanna Kneeland – Johnstown, OH.
Clover Valley Mastiffs

Mitzi Walters – Dublin, OH.
Brazenhead Mastiffs 
Beverly Ward – Massillon, OH.
Windward Mastiffs
Amber Weiler – Mount Vernon, OH.
Weilers Gentle Giants

None listed

None listed

Kelli DeSoto – Floresville, TX.
Ashber Farm

Lisa Eddy – Canyon, TX.
Gothic Mastiffs

Tara Gray 
– Gainesville, TX.
Rocking Oak Mastiffs

Valarie Gutterson – Fredericksburg, TX.
Forrest Crowned Mastiffs

Marty Hancock 
– Denton, TX.
Bluebonnet Mastiffs

Elise Slone
 – Ft Worth, TX. 
Castle Lake Mastiffs

None listed

Rebecca Davis Kennewick, WA.
River Valley Mastiffs

Jean Donaldson – Rochester, WA.
Selene Mastiffs
Barbie Fiorentino – Spokane, WA.
Sassenach Mastiffs

Candace Holmes Davenport, WA.
Pioneer Mastiffs
Carolyn Becker – Cedarburg, WI.
River Rock Mastiffs

Dena Drozdoff – Stoughton, WI.
Fireside Mastiffs

Ken Koch- Homer, Alaska.
Maniac Mastiffs

Terry Smith – Beebe, AR.
Rachel Diller – Littleton, CO.
Magnum Mastiffs

None listed

Troy Lafata – Lawrenceville, GA.
Millennial Mastiffs

None listed

Angela Cottrell- Whichita, KS.

None listed

None listed

None listed

None listed

None listed

Heather Moore – Las Vegas, NV.
Eagle Clan Mastiffs

None listed

Heather Eusanio– Buffalo, NY.
Excelsior Mastiffs


Karen Paquette – Port Byron, NY. Braveheart Mastiffs


Kelly Verbridge – Williamson, NY.
Harvest Haze Mastiffs
Traci Weaver – Wyoming, NY.
Hrothgar Mastiffs 


Kelly Verbridge – Williamson, NY.
Harvest Haze Mastiffs


Traci Weaver – Wyoming, NY.
Hrothgar Mastiffs 

None listed

Cynthia Luper – Westville, OK.
Lupers Country Critters
Kathy Stiger – PA.
Millridge Mastiffs 

Robin Tabor 
– Royersford, PA.
True Story Mastiffs
Stephanie Howells – West Valley, UT.
Highlander Mastiffs

Karen Park
 – Layton, UT.
Manoah Mastiffs 

Tina Woods – Pleasant View, UT.  
Jadem Mastiffs
Becky Cooper– Warrenton, VA.
Coopers Mastiffs 


Domenic, Jayna & Alexandra Marcelli– Troy, VA.
Hooligan Mastiffs

None listed

None listed


The following is a list of reputable breeders (listed in alphabetical order by country) whom are members of the Mastiff Club of America in good standing, and adhere to the clubs Code of Ethics

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