Hall of Fame Recipients

Hall of Fame Awards

In order for your dog to qualify for the Hall of Fame (HOF) award, the following criteria must be met:

Sire of ten (10) AKC Champion offspring.
Dam of five (5) AKC Champion offspring.

If you have an eligible Mastiff, submit the application form with the required information listed below to the MCOA Statistician (Conformation) Chairperson:
 Registered name of Mastiff to receive the HOF award
 AKC number of Mastiff to receive the HOF award
 Owner’s Name and address
 Registered name and AKC number of each titled offspring, title and date AKC championship was completed.

Please send the information on your special Mastiff to the MCOA Conformation Statistician as soon as you believe your Mastiff qualifies for this honorable HOF award. Do not assume that the MCOA Conformation Statistician has all of the information needed to qualify your dog for the HOF award, we do not want to miss honoring your dog. It is important to submit as much information as you can, but if you don’t have all the requested information, please submit what you have. The MCOA Statistician will contact you for clarification or if additional information is needed
In order to have the correct roster compiled and certificates ready for the upcoming MCOA National Specialty, please send your information to the MCOA Statistician (Conformation) NO LATER THAN January 31st of the national Specialty year.

1968 – Ch. Willowledge Hero
1972 Kingsborough
Ch. Raven of Blackroc
1974- Ch. Tiberius of Kisumu
1977- Ch. Thunderhills Ria of lovecreek
Ch. Greco’s Little Miss Muffet
1978- Ch. Reveille Big Thunder 1985

1979- Ch. Charbe’s Gypsey Rose
1980- Ch. Greenbranch Dame Winifred
Ch. Ramsgate Job
Ch. Messalane’s Dinah-Might
Ch. Meps Tristan
Ch. Dame Sybil of Greenbranch
1981- Ch. Meza’s Lizabeth of Salem
Navonod’s Fullerton CD
Ch. Greenbriar’s Shambeau
1982- Ch. Greenbranch Lady Chelsea
Meyer’s Buttons and Bows
1983- Willowledge Pollyana
Ch. Duke of Woods
Tasha Farley’s First Lady


1984- Ch. Willowledge Caesar II
Ch. Gulph Mills Amy
Ch. Ozark’s Misty CDX
Ch. Alexander of Dahlseide
Ch. Caledonia FDI C
Diablos Lucy Brown
1985- Ch.Gulph Mills Mulcher
Ch. Gulph Mills Dawn
Ch. Peersleigh Princess Carolyn
Deer Run Jai Bee Cleopatria
Willowledge Meredith
1986- Ch. Meza’s Roseann
Ch. Goldleafs ceour De Sol
Ch. Gildasan Roman Warrior
Ch. Deer Run Countess Inez
Ch. Gulph Mills Mugger
Ch. Brandywine’s Ragamuffin
Ch. McKaye’s Oliver Wingate
Tamarack Donner
Winterwood Eglantine
Ch. Little Atlas of Messalane
1987- Ch. Deer Run Ezekiel
1988- Ch. Old Schools Ursa Major

1989- Ch. Iron Hills Rocky Hill Thor
Ch. Peersleigh Storm Sherman
Ch. Peersleigh Bridgewood Blair
Ch. Walnut Hill Reminiscence
Night Stalker Tracy
Ch. Monty’s Dixie Derby CD
Ch. Gulph Mills Sarah
1990- Ch. Altom’s Mischievious Molly
Southports Red Rose
Ch. Altom’s Paulas Pride
Ch. Stonebrook Southport Byron
Ch. Deer Run Durango
Ch. Groppetti Electra
Ch. Gulph Mills Marjorie CD
Ch. Sidetrack Farm Mighty Mag
1991- Ch. Groppetti Brite Star
Ch. Groppetti Sir Arthur
Ch. Legendary Fannie Flaunts It CD
Ch. Lionsire ironhill Warleggen
Ch. Gulph Mills Heidi To Mtn Oaks
Ch Jai Bee Dixie Lass
Ch. Iron Hills Warwagon
Ch. Thorchelseaias Noel
1992- Arrabelle of Acorn Hill CD
Ch. Old Schools Primo Remo Major
Ch. Southports Black Orpheus
Ch. Knightsens Sophies Choice
Ch. Deer Run River Bull
Ch. Pax River Genoa
Ch. Deer Run Sinder
Ch. Old Schools Mitra Major
Ch. Oak Lair’s Fantine
1993- Ch. Brookside’s Emily
Ch. Gulph Mills Legacy
Night Stalker Abby
Middle-Earth Touch of Class
Ch. Lionsire Indigo of Pax River
Ch. Lionsire Grizz


1994- Ch. His Majesty’s Lion of Judah
Ch. Pinewoods One Day At A Thyme
Ch. Pinewoods Southwest Breeze
Ch. Smokin Lad Stormy Dominic
Ch. Eldorado Rebel W Out A Pause CD
Ch. Ninians The Enchantress
Ch. Brite Star’s Crystal
Ch. Apple Creeks Sierra
Ch. I-Guards Tinker Belle
Ch. Hix’s Scarlett Alexis
Ch. Southports Prime Time
Ch. Hegdestones Big Man
Ch. RR KR’s Lady Diana CD
1995- Aljac Razzling Roxanne
Ch. Brite Star’s Apache Tears
Ch. Burns Hall Zachery
Deer Run Semper Fi Thor CD
Ch. Iron Hills Bet The Farm
Ch. Iron Hills Earned Interest
Ch. Matts Joshua – Dogwood Knoll
Ch. Merriwether Taj of Blackhaven
Rose Bay Hallucination
Sidetracks Sassy Sadie CD
Ch. Sillars KO Tyson
Ch. Southports Dream Warrior
Ch. Southports Maine Dream
Tallulah Bigfoot
Tony’s Tequila Sunrise
Ch. Arciniegas Lolly Von Killion
1996- Ch. Acorn Hill Uther Pendragon
Ch. Apple Creeks Southport Kahlua
Ch. Asgards Copper Penny
Ch. Burdettes Sweet Maggie Mae
Ch. Cee-Cee Sharmaine
Ch. His Majesty Emanuel Benjudah
Ch. Lionsires Ellie of Deer Run
Ch. Lamars Little Erica Jill
1997- Ch. Acorn Hill Morgana Pendragon
Ch. Brite Star’s Dual Image
Ch. Coltons Beauregard
Am/Can Ch. Greiner Hall Jedadiah
Ch. Iron Hills Portfolio
Ch. Iron Hills Stormin Norman
Ch. Moonstones Nobelest Rasputin
Ch. Night Stalker Sillars Clyde
Ch. Nyal’s Preferred Stock
Ch. Pax River Dozer By Sidetrack
Ch. Lady Jennifer of Hanover
Ch. Oaklane Polaris Pochohauntes CD
Ch. Blu Ridge Goldleaf Of Blk Pt
Lady Lindsey of Wyndhaven
1998- Ch. Avalon’s Tucson Warrior
Ch. Clearview’s Beau Bow
Ch. Enchanted Acres Trust Me
Ch. Ridgewoods Otis
Ch. Cluny’s Enchanted Blossom
Foxglove Classical Denial
Ch. I-Guard’s Peach Blossom
Ch. Iron Hill’s Fixin To Start
Ch. Maximillions Walkabout Tess
Ch. Meza’s Memphis Belle
Ch. Tejas Giganti Alexis

1999- Ch. Caledonia Sisily Tyson
Ch. Sillars Southports Issac
Ch. Creekview’s Major Montgomery
Ch. Parkhills Lady Hillary
Ch. Thunder Sky’s Wind Dancer
Ch. Goldleaf’s t. Bridgette
2000- Ch. Night Stalkers EnchantressCh. Southports Seville’s Frangelica
Ch. Southports Prima Bella
Ch. Groppetti’s Dixie of LazyD
Ch. Honeycreek Spoonful of Sugar
Ch. Rancho Lady Sadie Sunshine
Ch. Belles Captin Hook
Ch. Middle-Earth Aragon
Ch. RR Lady Christina
2001- Ch. Running Bears Master Chain
Ch. Greco’s Majestiks Murphy
Ch. Brookside’s Goliath
Ch. Jewel Midas Touch of CC
Ch. Tyger Hall Marilyn Monmo
Ch. Nyal’s Risky Business
Ch. Creeksides Nkotb Mighty Hogan
Groppetti’s Cupids Party
Ch. Gloribee Golden Bears Shamara
Ch. Iguards LazyD Marvelous Marv
Ch. Iron Hills Into The Night
Ch. Groppetti’s Impressive Boot Scootin’
Ch. Regal Hills Sudden Impact
Ch. Iron Hills Paint Your Wagon
2002- Cactus’s Ridgerunner August
Pallone’s Crowning Glory
Ch. Lamar’s Sassy Sandy Savy
Ch. Lamar’s JJ Wilder
Ch. Celtic’s Starstuck Sabrina
Ironhills Lollapalooza
Ch. Warlords Fire and Ice
Ch. Pegasus Country Silver Charm
Dandylion Cavell’s Lil Nina
2003- Pallone’s Road to Glory
Ch. Serendipity Greiner Axel
Ch. Oaklane’s This Buds For You
Ch. Dandylions Master Link
Ch. Ironclad Turrean of Celtics
Ch. Iron Hills Gwen At Kinsman CD
Ch. LazyD’s Fortunate Son of Marv

2004- Ch.Cee-Cee’s Mister Bentley
Ch. Britestar Monumental Ladytoy
Ch. Bel Aire Sandpebble
Ch. Castle Creeks Comstock Cali
Pallone’s Sweet And Sassy Hazel
Ch. Pleasant View of Moonstone
Ch. Pegasus Country Charismatic
Ch. Gloribee Fantasy Back in Black
2005- Calgar’s Lady with Kharisma
Ch. Ironclad Stellar Night N Day
Ch Systo’s Bailee’s Irish Cream
Ch. Royal K’s Lady Leah
Ch. Warlords Secret Agent Man
Ch. Madigan’s Doc Holiday
2006- Ch. Caledonia’s Second Promise
Ch. Southports Northern Lights
Ch. Foxglove Spirit of Eldorado
Ch. Sandkastles BF Goodrich
Ch. Windy MTS Mighty Tonka
Ch. Seville’s Turnin On The Charm
Ch. Nittany Bring The Noise
Monolithic Morning Has Broken
Windfalls Queen of The Valkyries
Ch. Iron Hills Mastie Macy
Ch. Bobaras Touch of Vanese
Ch. Southports Sherman
Ch. Golem Alice E
Ch Imprsv Starry Night On The Nyal
Eriesides Mo Betta
Ch. Skamania Tug Beau-T
Ch. Celtics Nbegining Sugarnspice CD
2007- Ch. Wynwoods Legend of Marcy MTn
Ch. Pallone’s Here’s Lukin Attacha
Ch Fantasy’s Thunderstruck
Ch. Caledonia Oceanaire’s Deja- Vu RN
Ch. Thousandoaks Hardheadedwoman
Ch. Southports Avilas Princess Zoe
Ch. LazyDironclads Chantilly Lace
Rockin H Showtime Wileyways
Ch. Pegasus Country Izztwo
Ch. Mystiques Pride And Joy
Ch. Impressive One And Only
Ch. Iron Hills Isabell of Lazy D
Ch. Hastert’s Esmeralda An Angel
Ch. Grizzly’s Siera of Marcy MTN CD RN
Ch. Dream Weaver’s Furby O Ma
Ch. Erieside Edith Anne
2008- Ch. Southports Once Upon A Time
Ch. Clas Myrrdin’s Morrigan
Ch. Wynwood’s Kissed By An Angel
Ch. Windfall’s Tangerine Dream
Ch. Meadow Farms Major Breakthrough
Ch. Southports Sweet Impact


2009- Ch. Newgate’s Beyond Belief
Ch. Lazy D’s Family Tradition
Ch. HeartnSoul’s Big Palooka
Ch. What’s Miss Congeniality
Ch. Goldleafs Skye’s The Limit
Ch. Dynamite Ridgerunner Continental Devine   
Ch. Pegasus Country Road To Glory
2010- Ch. Lazyd Pretty In Pink @Jadem
Ch. Wildrose Music Man
Ch. His Majesty Mighty Joe Young
Ch. Pallones Nacimiento Danny Girl
Ch. Lamar’s Pardon My French
Ch. Brijas Holiday Package
Ch. WBars Miss Congeniality
2011- Ch. Wildrose’s Music Man
Ch. Pendragon Bailiff’s  Fairlough
Ch. Impressive That’s Hot
2012- Ch. Lazy D’s Southern Gentleman
Ch. Valley Views Caleb of Rydalmount
Ch. Dandylions Whoa Nellie
Ch. Cedarhollow’s Calico Girlfriend
Ch. Devine’s Raising The Bar
Ch. Lazy D’s Bonnie Blue
2013- Ch. Bearhill Maximus Aureus RN
2014- Ch. Greiner Hall Amir Zahar of Jadem
Ch. Marcy MTN Thunder of Legend
Lamar’s Highlander Take It To The Limit
Stonehaven’s Playing A Stacked Deck
GCh. Landondale’s 4allD Marbles At Oasis
Goldleafs A La Cart
Ch. Meadowfarm Asgard Steel Magnolia

2015- Ch. Stonehavens Ivory’s I Have A Superiority Complex
Ch. Van D’s Hotter Than Blu Blazes
2016- Ch Stonehavens The Main Attraction
Lazy D’s Yellow Rose of Texas
Ch. Lazy D’ First Noel
Tr2c’s Babie Sadie
Ch. Rainy Days Small Town Appeal 
GCh. Goldleaf’s One Sure Thing
2017- GCh. Lamar’s Oso Bodacious QT Bear Is Just Right
Ch. Nittany’s Little Miss Beauty
GCh. Goldleafs Ever After
Ch. Lamar’s In It to Win It
Genesis Friends Briezze Ann
GCh. Wynwoods KS Yellow Rose of Texas
GCh. Lexington’s Uncle Mugsy CGC
GCh. Cooperz Kaigans Hot Tamale
GCh. Mountainview’s Kissa My Face
GCh. Imagine a Buff Rose of Sherridane
Ch. Millenniums Moon Shadow
2018- GCh. Southports Briar Rose
Am/Can Ch. Stony Point’s Lil Secret of Hrothgar CGC
Hrothgars Whisper In The Wind CGC
GCh. Gary Scheider’s Deez Rockin Zee of Hess Country
GCh. Britestar’s Taste The Rainbow
GCHG. Kimmit’s Rockstar
GCh. Marcy MTN’s Shelter From The Storm
Ch. Audley Mummah’s Maia
GChB Thunder Sky’s Cache of Gold BN RN
2019- Ch. Asgard’s Glory Faith And Honor of Monastic
GCh. Dream Weaver’s Green With Envy
Mountainviews Make Me Smile
GCHB Thunder Sky‘s Holy Havoc
Ch. Cabezon’s Hallelujah It’s Raining Men
Gryphons Try Your Luck at Harvest Haze
Caledonia’s Linfert You Gotta Have Faith
Ch. Caledonia Treasured Heirloom

2020- GCHG PrideRock Saddle Up For R3 CGC TDI FDC TT 
GCH Monastic’s Poetic Justice AT Sunnydale RI RN CGCA CGCU 
CH Magnum’s Until I Found You 
GCHS Dandylions Blowin It Out Da Box 
CH Mountainview’s Brown Eyed Girl 
GCH RHR Wynnie Le Woo Bear CGCA FDC 
GCH Epics Farmer Baby
GCH Britestars Programmed For Excellence

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